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Mix A Drink

(Or hell...just sip it, chilled)
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The Original Cocktail

Photo credit : Julia D'Alkmin

The Original

By A.D. Tschetter

Step 1) Three fingers TO's Honey Citrus Ginger

Step 2) Ice

Step 3) Two-finger salute (peace !)

Photo credit : Jennifer Pallian

Florida Ginger Slap

by T.Garay

Step 1) TO's Honey Citrus Ginger

Step 2) Splash of Grapefruit San Pellegrino & Ice

Step 3) Enjoy the Surprise

Photo credit : Milo McDowell

Sweet Leaf Tea

by A.T. Jones

Step 1) One part Tschetter's Original

Moonshine Cocktail

Step 2) Splash of Unsweetened Tea & Lemonade

Step 3) Mint leaves

Photo credit : Adam Jaime

She Caught the Katy
(Moonshine Mule by Katy Chapman
Step 1) 3 oz. Tschetter's Original
Step 2) 2 dashes of bitters
Step 3) Squeeze a lemon wedge
Step 4) 7 oz. of Ginger Beer
Step 5) Leave Me a mule to Ride 

Photo credit : Adam Jaime

El HombrE

by M. Cagle

Step 1) 3oz of TO's Honey Citrus Ginger over ice

Step 2) 7oz of Ginger beer

Step 3) One slice of jalapeño

Step 4) the 2nd sip will cool your lips

Photo credit : Tomas Jasovsky

All Gone Pear Shaped

by Lulu

Step 1) 3oz of TO's Pear Honey Peach over ice

Step 2) One part sparkling mineral water

Step 3) One part pear juice

Step 4) Pear slice garnish

Step 5) Drink the problem away

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